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Newsletter – April 2023

April 2023 Newsletter

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earth day

Earth Day

Redecorating with repurposed furniture is a way to reduce the “off-gassing” in your home or office and reduce the stress on your budget and landfills. Read more in our latest blog.

What Inspires Us

provision packs pantry

Provision Packs Pantry

Provision Packs is a food supplementary program aimed at supplying nutritional assistance to low-income children and their families with ease of accessibility and execution.

Many PreK-8th grade children are reliant upon the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program or their food and nutrition during the school week, but when the weekend comes, there is limited or no consistent access to food. Since 2015 Provision Packs has provided well-rounded nutritional food for children on the weekend and extended breaks during the school year.

Visit the Provision Packs Pantry Website



How to Turn Everyday Objects into Spring Decor 

Are you looking to spruce your home with spring decor but want to avoid buying new items? If so, you need this video in your like. Find out how an old gravy boat, whisk, and candle holder are repurposed to add spring to any room.

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Community Outreach

cheeseburger and hot sauce

Ormond Burger Week
Ormond Burger Week is when Ormond Mainstreet Restaurants show off their most delicious burgers, and Rosie’s Cafe is participating in this event that takes place the week of April 30 – May 7, 2023, with our Double D Sliders. This burger is available only during this event and is two all-beef sliders topped with bacon and Dunn’s homemade Datil BBQ sauce, smashed together with famous Donnie Donuts.  Bacon+Beef+Donuts= a Winning Combination!
dunn's attic
” The April winds are magical/ And thrill our tuneful frames/ The garden-walks are passional/ To bachelors and dames”  
          – Ralph Waldo Emerson