Upscale Consignment

For Existing Customers

What is Consignment?

Many people hear the word “consignment shop” and think “thrift store” with used clothes, old antiques and forgotten collectibles. Although many places resemble this kind of shopping experience, Dunn’s Attic provides a different encounter for its consignors. Dunn’s Attic is an upscale consignment store that shoppers can visit to purchase high-end, brand name, current and desirable items at a reasonable price. We only accept “like new” merchandise that is in excellent condition.

Why Use Dunn's Attic?

Whether you need professional estate or consignment services, Dunn’s Attic is a business one can trust. Since 2013 Dunn’s has provided top-notch estate and consignment services for the citizens of Ormond Beach and the surrounding cities. Consigners prefer our showroom to display their items professionally and expose them to a broader buyer base, ultimately resulting in money in their pocket with less hassle.

When it comes to professional estate services, Dunn’s handles all the legwork on selling your items, reducing the stress on you and your family. Whether you are helping a family member to downsize, redecorating your space, or emptying a space unit, Dunn’s Attic can provide a stress-free experience. We do all the work. You just cash a check.

At Dunn’s Attic, we are committed to creatively merchandising your consignment items and commanding the best possible price.

How To Consign

Consigning at Dunn’s Attic is easy. Please follow these steps:

  • Review our Consignment Policy & Consignment Agreement.
  • Please click here to fill out the submission form.
  • Once the items are APPROVED, you may drop them off either Fridays or Saturdays before 11 am or after 2 pm. If they need to be picked up we will make arrangements. *FEES MAY APPLY*
  • Once the items arrive we will price and display them in our stores for up to 180 days.
  • A computer-generated email will be sent to the email address you provided to Dunn’s Attic giving you the login information for your CONSIGNOR Account. This account lists your items for sale. Log into your account here or click the Consignor Login button on the right. This easy-to-use software allows our consignors to monitor their sales.
  • Your check(s) are available to pick up after the 15th of the following month the item(s) sold.

The staff of Dunn’s Attic evaluates consignment items. We do not accept mattresses, things that have been exposed to smoke, pets, and other factors that would cause Dunn’s Attic to determine them as unsellable. If you have items you want us to consider, please click the button below, upload 1 to 2 photos of each item, and a brief description. A staff member will promptly contact you to discuss the next steps.

If the items are accepted, a contract is signed, and you as the consignor will receive 50% of the final selling price. Consignment is a partnership, and Dunn’s Attic will strive to get you the highest possible price for your items. As we determine a price for your items, factors to be considered include age, history, rarity, and condition.

Please remember the market response to an item, not the initial price paid, that truly sets the price. It is in everyone’s best interest to price items at a reasonable market value that will realistically sell within 45 days. As per our contract, Dunn’s Attic reserves the right to set prices and negotiate discounts as management sees fit.

Dunn’s Attic provides consignors access to check their sales using software available from Liberty 4. The cost of this tool is $1.00 a month and is automatically deducted from all accounts once items are sold. Please call the store if you have any questions regarding the use of this software.

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