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Consignment Policy


Why should I consign with Dunn’s Attic?

We encourage all potential consignors to visit the store, meet us, and experience firsthand what makes Dunn’s Attic so unique! Dunn’s Attic helps you sell your unique items with character! It is the perfect place to consign your quality used furniture, antiques, art, vintage, decorative, household and collectible items. At Dunn’s Attic, we are committed to creatively merchandising your consignment items and commanding the best possible price. We offer a broad-based consumer market supported by advertising and social networking so that your treasured items will receive the attention they deserve!

Do you offer pick-up/delivery?

Yes!  Pick-up/ delivery is available. Charges will be determined based on items and location. Additional charges may be assessed as follows: multi-item pickup/delivery; pickup/delivery at condos, office buildings, or multi-level homes; pickup/delivery that involves the negotiation of tight spaces, stairs and elevators. Please see our Pick-Up/ Delivery Agreement (online document coming soon) for more details.

How do you price my items?

Consignment is a partnership and Dunn’s Attic will strive to get you the highest possible price when we consign your quality used furniture, antiques, art, vintage, decorative, household and collectible items. As we determine a price for your items, factors to be considered include age, history, rarity, and condition. Please remember it is a market response to an item, not the initial price paid, that truly sets the price. It is in everyone’s best interest to price items at a reasonable market value that will realistically sell within 45 days. As per our contract, Dunn’s Attic reserves the right to set prices and negotiate discounts as management sees fit.

How long will my items be on consignment?

Your items are consigned for a period of 180 days. Extensions are at the discretion of Dunn’s Attic. Please see our Consignment Agreement for more details.

How will I know if one of my items has sold?

Dunn’s Attic provides consignors access to check their sales using software available from Liberty 4. This easy-to-use software allows our consignors to monitor their sales. The cost of this tool is $1.00 a month and will be automatically deducted from all accounts. Please call the store if you have any questions regarding the use of this software. After establishing an account with Dunn’s Attic, you can follow this link and use your email to sign in: Liberty 5 Consignor Log-in

Are consignment checks mailed to me?

No, it is the responsibility of each consignor to pick up their consignment check. The checks are available the first business day following the 15th of each month after your items have sold.

Can I drop off more items if I already have an account?

All additional items must be dropped off with an appointment only.