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Celebrate Earth Day by Repurposing and Reusing Furniture

earth day

Most people like the smell of a new car. It conjures anticipation of adventures to be had in the new vehicle. Did you know that the smell of new cars results from leather, upholstery carpeting, wood, vinyl, and plastics within the vehicle, “off-gassing” chemicals into the environment? The same is true of new furniture, which goes through a similar process when first brought into the home. Less than ideal from your home’s environmental indoor air quality perspective.

Redecorating with repurposed furniture is a way to reduce the “off-gassing” in your home or office and reduce the stress on your budget and landfills.

Some older furniture admittedly must be discarded as it is beyond repair, and these pieces, once tossed, clog our landfills. However, other vintage furniture with a bit of TLC can bring beauty and elegance into the home. Dunn’s Attic specializes in curating and providing this furniture category to the public at very reasonable prices.

Dunn’s Attic can supply one-of-a-kind vintage pieces of furniture that bring charm and elegance at a fraction of the cost (of some new furniture) without the modern-day all too common supply chain issues, and this choice is friendlier to the environment.

The vast, ever-changing selection of unique items at Dunn’s Attic can undoubtedly transform your concept of how to spruce up your home’s decor. No big box store items here. Stunning heirlooms in the making abound to help spark your imagination. You can browse at your leisure, select what you like at Dunn’s Attic, and make arrangements to deliver it to your residence.

With Earth Day approaching, why not give your home’s air quality and our landfills a break?

All it takes is a leisurely stroll around Dunn’s Attic to realize that it’s worth at least considering the reuse of what’s already here instead of procuring bland, big box store quality furniture that will need to be back ordered and shipped in.