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Create Your Unique Style by Using Dunn’s Attic

create your unique style

Consignment stores have long been a viable option for the savvy consumer. This time-tested option is more attractive in a COVID catch-up era where manufacturers struggle to reach pre COVID production.

Big-box furniture stores don’t’ have furniture inventory and lead times for big-ticket furniture items are frequently seven to twelve months. With many people making plans to host family and very close friends in their homes, it is natural to look around their homes and note what needs upgrading or simply a fresh new look. Big box furniture stores offer very little in the way of unique one-of-a-kind pieces or styles. Let’s face it, whatever you purchase in a big-box furniture store is also being sold to others in stores all across America; say goodbye to individuality.

On the other hand, upscale consignment stores are a cornucopia of potential dynamic style and flair for your home. Vintage one-of-a-kind pieces abound, and your only limitation is your imagination. Another aspect of consignment stores is that these businesses will accept your furniture (if this meets your needs) and sell it, splitting the profits with you.

Additionally, rare accessory items such as lamps, vases, carpets, artifacts, curios, etc., are abundant at selective consignment stores. From the eclectic to the classical artistic beauty, it’s all there at a reasonable price. From sales to the very courteous delivery teams, we strive to be the best place to go for unique items with character at a fair price to make your interior design statement.