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A Message from a New Customer

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Happy Holidays everyone. We can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. In the bustle of preparing the store for the holiday season, we received an email from a new customer that was more than an email. This customer took the time to share his experience with Dunn’s Attic, and his communication made our day. The customer permitted us to share it, and we decided to include it in our blog and newsletter:

For most of us, the holiday season kicks off full fare with the Thanksgiving Day festivities, even though the big chain box stores seem to love putting out Christmas items right after Halloween each year. Small, local businesses are the life’s blood of the national and local economies. In my opinion, local businesses are more in tune with real American families than big box chain stores could ever be.

Ormond Beach has a great sense of community, as evidenced by the beautiful Holiday Parade that just took place on December 10th. Local small businesses of many kinds took the time to build parade floats and decorate vehicles to share the community’s festive mood. The citizens attended this event in droves in support of the local business in this area, and there is no better example of a local small business deeply entrenched in the very fabric of Ormond Beach than Dunn’s Attic.

Upon my first visit to the store – I was blown away by the beauty of the inventory. The upscale consignment store is brimming with gently used, one-of-a-kind artwork, furniture, and ceramics, including extravagant, fine china and various stunning antiques. No big box chain store could ever hope to compete with the cornucopia of treasures and future family heirlooms than the treasures waiting to be discovered within the walls of Dunn’s Attic.

As a Dunn’s Attic customer, I can (and do with anyone who asks) vouch for their highly ethical way of doing business. Half of my home is decorated with Dunn’s Attic furniture, and I also have items on sale. Every interaction with the store has been positive, from purchasing furniture, picking items up, consigning items, and even having breakfast at Rosie’s.

As someone new to this area, Dunn’s Attic has become one of my favorite places to visit, not just because of how fantastic the store is but also what they do in the community. Please let everyone at Dunn’s Attic know that they have gained a new fan and a loyal customer.

Merry Christmas.

Words can’t express how much this means to us and it was wonderful to read from a new customer that loved his interaction with us so much he had to tell us. We appreciate our community and their support for the Dunn family over the generations. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.