Since 1905

30 Years of Helping Homeless Families with Children

family renew community

Family Renew Community is a local non-profit that has been open since 1989 and has provided assistance to homeless families with children by partnering with most of the local churches in Volusia County. Founded to help eradicate homeless in Volusia County, Family Renew stabilizes homeless families or single parents with children by providing them with temporary housing and helping them become self-supporting.

Family Renew has 32 apartments at residential campuses in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, and DeLand, where families may live for six months or more with no rent or utility payments and services around 60 families a year with a 95% success rate. An important fund-raising source for Family Renew is the Secret Attic Thrift Shop, located in Granada Plaza. Every dollar raised by Attic sales goes to support families in need, and the staff working at the store are primarily volunteers. Some volunteers have worked at the store for 22 years.

Their website states that Family Renew provides “A Hand up, not a Hand out.”



We have seen a rise in homelessness nationwide and here in Volusia County. Shelters are reporting an increase in homelessness, up 2% nationwide from 2019, and Florida has the third highest homelessness population in the nation, with 33.3% being families.

The need for help is growing, and Dunn’s Attic wants to be part of the solution.

Dunn’s Attic collects donations at its Granada Blvd location to support various local charities as part of our commitment to our community. Family Renew is one of these charities.

If you would like to support this initiative by donating items, like couches, lamps, and home décor, you can drop off your donations at the back door of our main location on Granada Blvd Sundays between 11 am – 2 pm. Please note we do not accept appliances, clothes, or mattresses.