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Why You Should Use a Consignment Store

consignment store

If you want to get rid of unwanted items in your home, empty a storage unit, or help a family member downsize, hiring a consignment store to assist you might be the best option. The store may not select all the items, but if you have furniture and décor in good shape or even some antiques, enlisting the help of a reputable consignment store will help not only reduce the stress of selling these items but earn you more money with less hassle.

A few reasons why consigning is a good idea:


Using a consignment store to sell your items is safer and protects you from strangers and potential scams. We have all read about scams on various online platforms to sell things online as well as counterfeit money being used to purchase items at garage sales, etc. Hiring a consignment store removes these two risks from the equation.


You will deal with the consignment shop — not field calls and emails from interested buyers. Furniture is out of your space, and you do not have to try to schedule showings of your items for sale in your home or storage unit into your already busy day. Another reason for consigning is helping a family after a death or moving to a nursing facility. Many family members who are charged to dispose of the items do not live locally or, because of a pending property sale, have to move very quickly. Consigning provides peace of mind during what can be a stressful and emotional time for family members.

Gain access to a more extensive customer base

f you have a valuable piece of furniture, going through a consignment shop means you will reach more buyers looking for furniture. Most stores have a network of contact comprised of realtors and interior decorators looking for various items at all times. By using a consignment store, this network will gain access to your items.

Your items are displayed in a showroom

When you try to sell items yourself, not only can it be time-consuming, but the items also cannot be displayed as beautifully as a consignment store can in their showroom. A store unit or garage is no comparison to a clean, well-lit professional gallery.

Support your Local Community

Most consignment stores are also locally owned, and utilizing their services helps support the community you live in by putting money right back into the local economy. When items are sold, the profit is split between the consigner and the store. By using and shopping at a consignment store, you can support your local economy all year round.

Using a consignment store, depending on your circumstances, is a convenient way to get rid of furniture and décor you no longer need. Whether you are redecorating your home or helping a family member downsize, hiring a business to take this stress off your plate is convenient and a smart move.