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Shop at a Consignment Shop to Avoid Furniture Delivery Delays

shop at consignment shop

Supply chains worldwide are struggling to reach pre- COVID production levels. No industry is left untouched by the delays and the increased costs of goods. Constructions supplies, car parts, and even the new furniture business are experiencing delays in getting goods for their customers. New furniture orders sometimes take as long as 7-12 months to be delivered to clients, and some consumers are told about this delay after they pay. A recent news article in the Daytona News-Journal quoted a customer saying that he had forgotten entirely about his order until the store called to schedule delivery. Now that is a long wait time.

Avoid furniture delivery delays

There is another option to purchasing furniture, an option that has not been negatively impacted by COIVD – buying from a consignment store. COVID has positively impacted the consignment store industry. People have spent a lot of time at home and started looking for ways to improve their space and get rid of unwanted items for some much-needed income. The inventory of an upscale consignment store, like Dunn’s Attic, is a collection of gently used items that pass rigid inspection before they are accepted and put on the showroom floor. Here at Dunn’s Attic, we have so much incredible inventory that we are soon opening another location to have more room to display our furniture, home decor, and unique gift items.

Benefits of using a consignment store

When you purchase items from a consignment store, you avoid furniture delivery delays because the day you pay is the day you can take your items home. Customers can take it right off the floor or schedule delivery with us. The consignment industry is not at the mercy of supply chains or manufacturers and what you see in their showroom is what you can purchase – no wait time. There is also a bonus to shopping at a consignment store to update your home rather than a new furniture chain; a percentage of the money you spend goes right back into the community. Consignment stores, by definition, are re-selling for others in the community. To date, Dunn’s Attic has returned to the area almost 3 million dollars in commissions.

Update your decor

If you want to update your home for the holidays come to Dunn’s Attic to see our beautiful selection of furniture and home décor. There’s never been a better time to experience the most unique selection of items with character. And for the hard-to-find gifts on your holiday list remember …” if Dunn’s doesn’t have it, Santa didn’t make it this year!”