Since 1905

Have Fun Shopping at Dunn’s Attic

have fun shopping at dunn's attic

Do you find yourself not having fun shopping anymore? Is it challenging to find an employee for help, and they are just flat-out rude if you find one?

This experience will not happen when you shop at Dunn’s Attic. Customer service is a top priority at our store, and this started over 125 years ago with the “on-the-spot” customer service at the Dunn’s Hardware store.

Poor customer service seems to be the standard in many service industries, not just retail shopping, and this might be the driving force behind more and more customers moving to online platforms. But this type of attitude toward customers starts at the top, and as the saying goes – it rolls downhill to all other staff. We believe this behavior is the new standard – the employees, managers, and store owners don’t seem to care.

We Care About Customer Service

When they enter the store, we greet our shoppers, and help is offered to find something specific the shopper is in the market to purchase. We remember names and items purchased on previous visits. We engage with new customers and hold a conversation about the history of the Dunn Family and all they have done (and continue to do) to support the local community. This excellent customer service standard is also expected and delivered during the pick-up and delivery of items.

We answer the phone and follow up promptly to questions. We have easy access to communicate with our consignment customers online so they see the sale process of their items. Another fun and accessible way to do business.

Providing Excellent Customer Service is Part of Our Culture

At Dunn’s Attic, we don’t have to train people to be friendly and accessible. That’s our culture. We hire people who already know how to be helpful and responsive and are still a family-run business. Our staff is considered part of the Dunn Family and is treated as such. We understand an essential lesson of business: we need and value our customers.

Visit Dunn’s Attic, have fun shopping again and enjoy $1.00 mimosas. We have two convenient locations with lots of unique items with character, and our staff would love to help you find that perfect item for your home, office, or loved one.