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Dunn’s Attic Has the Largest Local Collection of Art for Sale

dunn's attic

The largest local collection of art for sale is located at Dunn’s Attic. We have curated over 800 pieces of art, the most extensive inventory for sale in Volusia County, in a wide range of price points to fit most budgets. We have lots to choose from a Monet print, an original by Joel Gauthier, and rare sculptures at both locations. Our store is lucky to have clients that trust us to help find a new collector to home their piece of art at a reasonable price. Here is a sample of the lovely articles we currently have for sale:

Framed Art

Our selection of framed art is highly diverse. We have antique colorized photos to mini soapstone carved masked and even signed original pieces in frames ready to go home to display. You can visit either of our two locations or visit online anytime by clicking this link to browse and find that perfect art to be the focal point of your space.


No matter the theme of your décor, if you are looking for a statue or sculpture to finish your home or office, you must come to look at our curated selection. We have both rare and reproduction items for sale, from an Alexsander Danel Austin reproduction to an original Jim Davison. These items also make great gifts if you have an art lover on your Christmas list. In addition, you can look at more of our unique statues and sculptures online 24/7 by clicking here

Fine Art

The internet defines Fine Art as “an art form practiced mainly for its aesthetic value and its beauty (“art for art’s sake”) rather than its functional value.” This type of art tends to be a conversation starter and draws the eye immediately. Our selection includes original sculptures, hand-blown glass vases, original oil paints, and even Asian silk paintings. Dunn’s Attic is the perfect place to find something rare to add to your collection. 

Don’t settle for that print or reproduction that is all the box stores across the county – be original by finding that unique piece with us. Our staff is always ready to help in the store, and you can view more of our art for sale that is exclusively in our online store. Also, if you have a piece that you want to add to our collection on consignment, please click here, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.