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Pancakes With A Cause


Panpancakes transparentcakes With A Cause!

We at Dunn's Attic believe that there are many local organizations in our community that need help creating additional funds. We want to help... and at the same time have an event that's fun for the whole family and doesn't take a lot of volunteer time and work. Pancakes With A cause uses Rosie's Cafe (located inside Dunn's Attic) as the host location for an "All-You-Dare-To-Eat" pancake breakfast. Who can resist a pancake breakfast for a great cause! So let us know when your club, church, organization, charity, or sports group wants to schedule your fundraiser.

Here's how it works:

1) Your organization requests a Saturday to have your event (the calendar fills quickly and is available first come first serve) 2) Once a date is scheduled with Dunn's Attic a set number of pre-sell tickets will be provided for your group to sell. You will also receive a personalized flyer (in PDF form) to be used for any advertising you may want to do. 3) Your members go out and sell tickets for the event. Tickets reflect a $5 donation and can't be reproduced. 4) Unsold tickets and proceeds are returned to Dunn's Attic the Friday before the event. 5) On Saturday, the day of the event, a minimum of 5 volunteers are needed to help collect and sell additional tickets, bus tables and serve butter/syrup. The work is not hard and can be scheduled in shifts to cover the time from 8am - 11am. 6) At the close of the event and after the last pancake is served we 'settle up' and your organization walks away with the proceeds from half of all tickets sold.


1) Who can request a date?IMG_1137
We are open to help any local organization or charitable group that has a local presence.
2) What is the cost?
There is no cost to the organization. Tickets are sold for a $5 donation (both pre-sell and at the door). The organization will receive $2.50 for every ticket sold.
3) How does my organization get on your schedule?
Email to request a date. We offer most Saturdays from 8:30 - 10:30 am. Dunn's Attic will do its best to accommodate all requests. Final schedule is controlled by Dunn's Attic and based on a first come first serve basis.
4) Why do we need volunteers?IMG_5423
We require each organization to supply at least 5 volunteer workers to help with basic serving and cleaning. Volunteers may work in shifts but must cover 8:00 - 11:00 am. Jobs will range from ticket sales, busing tables and serving water/syrup/drinks.
5) Is pre-selling tickets required?
Yes. Pre-selling increases the fundraising opportunity as well as providing an expected head count.
6) Do you have to have a ticket to attend?
If you pre-purchased a ticket you must present it, but if you haven't purchased one yet you can pay at the door.IMG_5428
7) Where do we get the tickets?
Dunn's Attic will supply an agreed upon amount of tickets for your members to sell. All unsold tickets and proceeds from pre-ticket sales must be returned at the Friday before the event.
8) How many people can Rosie's accommodate?
At any time we can seat 100 people. Over a 2 hour period we can seat upto 300. In an earlier event we pre-sold 250 tickets and served over 1500 pancakes!IMG_1155
9) What do the customers get for their $5 donation?
All you can eat pancakes, butter, syrup, juice, and famous Biggby Coffee.
10) Are dates and times flexible?
No. We only offer "Pancakes With A Cause" events on Saturdays during the hours of 8:30 - 10:30 am.
11) Can customers purchase other food while in Rosie's Cafe?
Yes. Rosie's Cafe will have its full menu available as well as a large selection of juices and drinks at regular menu price.
12) How do I sign up for the event?
Send us an email at with your name, organization, phone number, and desired dates. We will contact you regarding the details.
It's that easy!IMG_8548

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