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A General Auction for Every Collector

general auction

Step into a world of nostalgia and discovery as we invite you to explore our General Auction, culminating on May 28th. This event promises a fascinating array of historical and antique treasures, each with its own story to tell.

Among the highlights of this auction are the rare Robert Raikes collectible bears.

Revered for their meticulous craftsmanship and irresistible charm, these hand-crafted teddies are adorned with unique details like carved wooden faces and paw pads, adding an artistic flair to the timeless plush design. Whether you’re a dedicated Raikes enthusiast or simply appreciate top-quality teddy bears, this auction presents a golden opportunity to acquire a cherished addition to your collection.

A notable piece in this auction is a Lucy Hunnicutt painting titled “John Hunt.”

Hunnicutt, an Alabama native, discovered her passion for painting later in life, just before turning 40. Her vibrant and expressive artwork pays homage to her Southern roots, often depicting scenes from her rural upbringing in North Florida. Using acrylics on wood panels and tin, she skillfully captures the essence of small-town life, portraying vivid images of neighbors and community gatherings. Hunnicutt’s distinctive style of lettering further enriches her work, infusing each piece with narrative depth. Her paintings have graced galleries across multiple Southern states and even caught the eye of filmmakers, featuring in the Queen Latifah movie “Last Holiday” in 2006.

But the auction doesn’t stop there – it also offers a treasure trove of antique German beer steins, silver plate serving dishes, and an exquisite collection of antique milk glass. “Space Jam” collectibles, vinyl records, and other intriguing finds await discovery, ensuring there’s something for every enthusiast.

Join us in celebrating the legacies of iconic artists like Vincent Van Gogh and the master craftsmanship of renowned toymaker Robert Raikes. Whether you’re seeking a special addition to your collection or hoping to unearth a piece of history, our General Auction promises an unforgettable journey into the past. Don’t miss your chance to bid on these hidden treasures that will enrich your life for years to come!

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