Rosie’s Cafe Flips for Fundraisers


Dunn’s Attic is a unique shop filled with hidden treasures accepted on consignment and through estate sales. The shopping experience is even better with a $1 mimosa in hand while you stroll through 12,000 square feet of shopping heaven. In a market full of places working hard to be unique, you know that you have discovered authentic quirkiness as soon as you hit the door. “Items with character” is how owner Wes Dunn puts it.

If the Dunn name rings a bell, you know Daytona well. The family has been part of this community for more than 115 years. They operated Dunn Bros. Hardware, Dunn Lumber and Dunn toys and Hobbies. Wes Dunn opened the doors of Dunn’s Attic in 2013.

The consignment store is also the home of Rosie’s Café, a funky eatery serving lighter fare such as soup, salad, sandwiches, and breakfast all day. The drink selection is delightfully non-generic, with a choice of more than 180 vintage sodas and root beers. There is also beer, wine and homemade sangria on the menu. This is not a typical café, so you have to do without Wi-Fi, but you can enjoy the koi pond.

Rosie’s Café gives back to Ormond Beach in a sweet and simple way by hosting “Pancakes with Cause” fundraisers for local organizations. Charities, churches, schools and sports groups come to Rosie’s Café for an “All You Dare to Eat” pancake breakfast on a Saturday. The menu is pancakes with juice and coffee.

“The Dunn family is committed to being a positive part of this community,” explains Wes Dunn. “We are forever grateful for the support and friendship over the last century. Helping local organizations with their fundraising efforts is a small way to give back.”

Rosie’s provides the organization with tickets that represent a $5 donation and customizes promotional flyers. The organization provides five volunteers to sell tickets, bus tables and serve butter and syrup. The organization receives the proceeds for half of the ticket sales.

On several fundraisers, Rosie’s has served up to 300 people and prepared more than 1000 pancakes.

These breakfasts have raised money for New Horizons Service Dogs, Red, White & Blue, Seabreeze High School soccer, football and swim teams, VFW, Center for the Visually Impaired, United We Stand and other local organizations.


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