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Untitled London Cityscape | Anthony Robert Klitz

Anthony Robert Klitz
Untitled London Cityscape
Original Oil on Canvas

Background: Born on September 3, 1917, in the town of Southport of the United Kingdom, Anthony Robert Klitz was an artist whose principal focus rested primarily on the construction and formulation of various oil-based canvas renditions depicting a multitude of cityscapes, most notably geographic locations in London. Klitz attended Bishop Wadsworth’s School in Salisbury, enrolling in a number of artistic disciplines on the grounds of Chettenham Art College while actively training to become an architect. A number of independent assessments referencing the prolific nature of Klitz’s artistic endeavors have been proffered throughout the course of his life, one of the more noteworthy having been included below:

“In comparison with other great capitals of the world London remains astonishingly unpainted. Mr. Klitz, an artist with a fine sense of architectural atmosphere and character, has done a great deal to redress the balance. His pictures show a fine but restrained sense of color and he is engagingly sensitive to the London scene. Mr. Klitz is an artist – and this is a high tribute indeed – whose work will appeal equally to those who live in London and to those who have paid a visit to London, and want to have something by which to remember it. Whether it is Horse Guards Parade or the River, Mr. Klitz has captured that strange pearly light which is the secret of so much of London’s grace.”

Klitz died on September 19, 2000, at the age of 83. Most remembered for his hallmark use of oil on canvas as a medium in the portrayal of London street and cityscapes, his inclusion of “formal” military scenes, oftentimes in the form of a phalanx of uniformed guardsmen patrolling a number of the city’s partitions recognized as a prominent feature in many of his works.

DIMENSIONS (Numeric measure inclusive of object’s framed accessory)

Length – Approximately 45.75 or 45¾ inches
Width – Approximately 25.5 or 25½ inches
Weight – Approximately 10 lb

– Written synopsis by Michael c/o Dunn’s Attic

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