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Untitled Central American Landscape | Jorge W. Ewerbeck (Original Oil on Canvas)

Jorge Ewerbeck is believed to be the son of famed painter ‘Carlos Ewerbeck’ who, in 1900, authored the creation of the “Ophelia at River’s Edge” composition which is currently on display at the Private Collection Guarisco Gallery in Washington, DC.

The title of the piece remains in doubt, however, there are several notations present on the framed backing of the article which may shed light on the subject:

Cajon del Manzano (Apple crate)
Rancho de los Arrieros (Ranch of the mule drivers)
Oleo de Jorge W. Ewerbeck.L. (Oil painting of Jorge W. Ewerbeck.L.)
Chile 1955

Dirrecion Correo Lo Barnechea (Mailing Address Lo Barnechea¹)

¹ Lo Barnechea is a mountainous commune of Chile situated in Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region.

– Written synopsis by Michael c/o Dunn’s Attic

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