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Thomas Kinkade | Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love

Thomas Kinkade
Disney Dreams Collection
174/300 D/E (Disney Edition)

Description: This limited edition print by Thomas Kinkade was published in compliance with the Thomas Kinkade Company, LLC (Limited Liability Company), located in Morgan Hill, California, and is part of the artist’s Disney Dreams Collection. The original rendition of the piece was created in 2010 as a composition meriting mixed media classification, Kinkade having spent in excess of 600 hours of studio time in its construction.

DIMENSIONS (Numeric measure inclusive of object’s framed accessory)

Length – Approximately 38 inches
Width – Approximately 28.5 or 28½ inches
Weight – Approximately 10 lb

Artist History and Information: Born on January 19, 1958; William Thomas Kinkade III rose to adolescence in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains where his vast potential as an artist was apparent even at the tender age of four. At 16 years of age he was already an accomplished painter using oil as a medium of expression, his time spent under the apprenticeship of Glen Wessels paying early dividends. Shortly thereafter, his artistic pursuits led him to the University of California at Berkeley, and later the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he was actively engaged in several studies of accreditation. Following his graduation, Kinkade began working for the motion picture industry at the age of 22. The principal author of more than 600 background paintings for the animated feature film “Fire and Ice” – a 1983 adventure-fantasy motion picture directed by Ralph Bakshi, with collaborative assistance being provided by Frank Frazetta – Kinkade would utilize these experiences as a means of acquiring mastery in the specialized field of pictorial lighting effects. During the course of his time of employment with the entertainment industry he would become acquainted with another artist by the name of James Gurney, the two professionals later venturing across America aboard boxcars, documenting their experiences in a collection of sketches that would later become the foundation for a best-selling art instructional entitled “The Artist’s Guide to Sketching” (Watson-Guptill Publications Inc., New York). Upon his departure from the rigors of film and production he would devote himself exclusively to the realization of his personal vision as a painter of light-imbued landscapes and scenery, acquiring an impressive list of honors, the most notable of which being:

Two Certificates of Merit from the New York Society of Illustrators
Two Founder’s Awards from the National Parks Academy for the Arts (Kinkade became the first artist ever to receive this award twice)
The privilege of participating in a two-man show at the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, Montana
Countless personal appearances with in excess of 10 individual showcases held in his honor.
His selection as the official artist for the 1989 National Park’s Collector’s Print and the 1990 Commemorative Collector’s Print honoring Rosary International.
Awarded “Plate of the Show” in South Bend, Indiana.
Received notoriety and acclaim as the Best New Artist of the Year for NALED (National Association of Limited Edition Dealers) in 1992.
Collector “Award of Excellence” in 1993, and later Lithograph of the Year recognition for NALED.
Multiple NALED awards for Artist of the Year and Graphic Artist of the Year.

Noted for the mass marketing and distribution of his work as printed reproductions and other licensed memorabilia via the Thomas Kinkade Company he would later adopt the moniker: “Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light,” a phrase he would soon protect through trademark application. The phrase, believed to have been inspired by the aforementioned artist’s devout Christian faith, was originally attributed to the English master J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851). His renown as a painter became such that 1 in every 20 American households would eventually lay claim to at least one of a myriad number of duplicates of his most famous pieces.
On April 6, 2012 at the age of 54, Kinkade succumbed to the deleterious addiction of alcoholism, the official results of his autopsy being linked to “acute intoxication” caused by his penchant for combining his consumption of Valium with the imbibing of alcoholic beverages.

– Written synopsis by Michael c/o Dunn’s Attic Consignment and Estate Sales

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